Adult Class Curriculum​

Beginning Korean Level 1

  • Read and write the Korean alphabet
  • Greet others and introduce yourself by name, nationality, and what you like
  • Ask people how they are
  • Ask people about their job and where they live

Beginning Korean Level 2

  • Ask about the location of a person or a building
  • Talk about family relationships
  • Ask for and give phone numbers
  • Congratulate someone on his or her birthday

Beginning Korean Level 3

  • Discuss the duration of events
  • Order food
  • Ask about means of transportation
  • Talk about daily tasks

Beginning Korean Level 4

  • Talk about the previous weekend
  • Make plans
  • Make and reject suggestions
  • Make a polite request

Pre-Intermediate Korean

  • Talk about past experience
  • Make appointments
  • Make reservations
  • Sentences using honorific language

Intermediate Korean Level 1

  • Say what instrument/sport one can play
  • Talk about what one has to do
  • Making suggestions
  • Sentence on sequels